Does your vehicle need transmission service, repair, or even a rebuild? If you’re like most people, you’d rather not think about your vehicle needing any kind of service or maintenance. However, when it does need work to be done, many people simply go to the auto mechanic or dealer where they are accustomed to having their car serviced, no matter what the issue. While this is a great strategy for most vehicle repairs, it may not be the best when it comes to your transmission repair. Here are the reasons why we’d recommend choosing a transmission specialist when it comes to transmission repair.

About Your Transmission

The transmission is a complex, multi-faceted component of your vehicle, and it is composed of many intricate parts that must all work together seamlessly. Whether you have an automatic or a manual transmission, the level of complexity in your transmission is higher than almost any other system in your car. There are multiple moving parts, gears, and other pieces that must be put together with precision and care in order for them to work.

Transmission Specialists vs. Other Auto Mechanics

When you choose to take your car to a transmission specialist, you are hiring someone who works exclusively on transmissions all day long. No matter what specific problem your vehicle has, the transmission specialist will have experience, knowledge, and tools that are specific to that exact problem. It’s kind of like going to a heart specialist rather than a general practitioner when you have heart problems.

On the other hand, when you go to a general auto mechanic, no matter how much experience that person has, their transmission experience is inevitably diluted. Since they also face all kinds of other vehicle repair needs on a daily basis, they can’t possibly have the specialized experience in transmission repair that a person has who works exclusively on transmissions all day long.

What About My Dealership?

Your car dealership, like any other vehicle service provider, must make choices about who to employ. Not every car dealership employs a transmission expert, so if you take the vehicle to the dealer, it’s not guaranteed that your transmission will be diagnosed and repaired as expertly as possible.

What About My Oil Change Place?

Many oil change places will show you the color of your transmission fluid and tell you that you need to have it flushed. This is a high-profit service that requires relatively little labor and expertise. However, we don’t recommend getting transmission flushes, as this can actually create more problems than it fixes. Flushing the fluid is different than draining it, and doing this can result in tiny particles of debris clogging the orifices or even causing your tranny to stop working altogether.

Bottom Line: Advantages of Using a Transmission Specialist

  • Better Diagnosis. Your specialized transmission mechanic has a much more robust knowledge base of the causes of transmission failure, and you’ll get a more accurate diagnosis that saves you from experimenting with first one thing and then another to solve the problem.
  • Faster Repair. A dedicated transmission mechanic gets the work done faster, because they don’t get stuck on unfamiliar tasks. They have figured out the fastest way to streamline the work and still do it with precision and accuracy.
  • Broad Knowledge of Vehicle Models. Transmission mechanics have worked on every make, model, and year of vehicle imaginable, so there’s no problem too big for them to tackle. While your general auto mechanic also undoubtedly has knowledge of multiple makes and models of vehicles, the number of vehicles they’ve actually done transmission work on is lower. Every vehicle is different, and the ability to get an accurate estimate and diagnosis depends on knowing the idiosyncrasies of that particular vehicle’s transmission needs.

Choose MC’s Transmission for Expert, Specialized Transmission Service

Here at MC’s Transmission, we are dedicated transmission mechanics who have the knowledge and the commitment to quality that you are looking for in a transmission mechanic. We can perform service, repair, and rebuild of your transmission, and we can also work on all the related components, including clutches, rear ends, U-joints, drive axles, wheel bearings, transfer cases, differentials, and torque converters. We serve Northville, MI, as well as the surrounding communities of Farmington, Livonia, Novi, and everywhere in between. Call us today to schedule your transmission service.