1. Quick Tips to Get The Most Out Of Your Transmission

    Some people are hesitant when it comes to spending money on cars. In fact, a lot of people will not dish out money unless a repair or replacement is absolutely necessary. Take your vehicle's transmission for example. Instead of coughing up a large amount of money when your transmission needs to be r…Read More

  2. What You Can Tell From A Transmission Shop’s History

    When you turn to Google and search for “best transmission shop near me,” you expect that it will find the reputable shops that are tried-and-true, offer excellent service, and have a long line of satisfied customers. To be fair, Google does try to do its best at this. However, it’s still possi…Read More

  3. What to Expect When You Ask for a Transmission Repair Quote

    When you know or suspect that your transmission has something wrong with it, it’s a sinking feeling. Requesting a vehicle repair quote for any issue can be a hassle, but transmission repair can feel like one of the most intimidating things of all. However, it doesn’t have to be intimidating if y…Read More

  4. The Difference Between A Car Dealer And A Local Transmission Shop

    If you are used to bringing your vehicle to the dealership for repair, service, and maintenance, it’s quite likely you’ll find it to be the most natural solution to bring your car there for transmission repair, too. However, there is a difference between a dealership and a transmission specialis…Read More

  5. How To Tell If You Need Transmission Repair

    Most people know that the transmission is an important component of a vehicle. Even if you don’t have any mechanical experience, you probably DO have a strong sense that if your transmission goes bad, it’ll could make your vehicle stop running and involve you in an expensive repair. However, if …Read More

  6. 10 Tips for How to Not Get Ripped Off By a Transmission Shop

    When you need transmission repair, the last thing you want to happen is to get ripped off. Transmission work is already expensive enough, and if you get ripped off, it’s even worse. Some shops might charge you more than fair market value, others might charge you for work that wasn’t even complet…Read More

  7. Should You Attempt Transmission Repair Yourself?

    With the advent of DIY tutorials, YouTube, and articles galore online, it might occur to you to attempt your transmission repair yourself if you run into problems. After all, if you can order the parts yourself and not pay anyone to do the labor, you could save a lot of money. However, transmission …Read More

  8. How to Choose a Reputable Transmission Shop

    It isn’t always easy to know what to look for when choosing a transmission shop. With so many scams out there, many people feel a vague sense of hopelessness when it comes to vehicle repairs. Is anyone out there reliable, reputable and honest? Being able to choose a good-quality transmission shop …Read More